RANS simulations of cold jet flows from a serrated nozzle

Authors: A. Cimpoeru (CFMS), J. Appa (Zenotech) and D. Standingford (Zenotech)

February 2015


Geometry and Mesh Generation (SMC-006 Nozzle)

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SMC006 chevron type nozzle. Left (Model) and Right (Domain Topology ) (Xia et. al. (2009))

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SMC006 mesh on x-y plane. Multiblock Stuctured Mesh (19M cells) (Xia H. and Tucker P. (2009))

Initial Conditions (Steady-State RANS)

Ambient Conditions

Variable Value Unit
P_amb 97000 Pa
T_amb 280.2 K
Rho_amb 1.225 Kg/\(m^3\)
mu 1.79e-5 Pa.s
speed_of_sound 335.549 m/s
gas_constant 287.0 KJ/KgK

Jet Conditions

Variable Value  
NPR 1.83 Nozzle Pressure Ratio
TPR 1.022 Nozzle Temperature Ratio
Mjet 0.9 Jet Mach number
Ujet 300 Reference Velocity [m/s]
Reynolds 1.03e06 Reynolds Number (See Note)


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Jet velocity profiles in the Tip-to-Tip plane at different stations

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Jet velocity profiles in the Notch plane at different stations

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Comparison between LES study of Xia et. al. (2009) (top) and present RANS study (bottom) at different stations

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Isosurfaces of Q criterion (present study)

  • Note

The Reynolds number is based on the jet diameter and reference velocity

See also

‘Hao Xia, Paul G. Tucker and Simon Eastwood (2009). Large-eddy simulations of chevron jet flows with noise predictions. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 30 (2009) 1067-1079.’_

‘Hao Xia and Paul G. Tucker (2011). Numerical Simulation of a Single-Stream Jets from a Serrated Nozzle . Flow Turbulence Combust 2011.’_

Serrated Nozzle Notebook