NASA Rotor 37 zCFD Code Validation - Flow Field in a Transonic Axial Compressor

Authors: A. Cimpoeru (CFMS), J. Appa (Zenotech) and D. Standingford (Zenotech)

May 2015


Geometry and Mesh Generation (NASA ROTOR37)

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Initial Conditions (Steady-State RANS)

Ambient Conditions

Variable Value Unit
P_amb 101523 Pa
T_amb 288.15 K
Rho_amb 1.225 Kg/\(m^3\)
mu 1.79e-5 Pa.s
gas_constant 287.0 KJ/KgK

Inflow Total Conditions.

Variable Ratio
Ptotal/P_amb 1.0
T_total/T_amb 1.0


Note that the map has been initially generated by varying the static pressure ratio on the outflow from 0.7 to 1.8 in order to determine the chocked and stalled conditions.

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Cp distribution on the rotor blades

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Mach number in the flow field and pressure contours.

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Turbulent eddy viscosity and pressure contours

More results will be publised in the following weeks.